Trauma Informed Systems of Supports (TISS)

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Too often, schools plug into various training opportunities without revisiting the overall systems in place. We know teachers need strategies for avoiding student triggers, for de-escalating situations, and more – but what happens when a school’s disciplinary processes and procedures are themselves the triggers?

What if those routines escalate situations?

That’s where TISS comes in…

We want to create an environment where students who have experienced trauma are less likely to be re-traumatized. We will partner with you to make a lasting and sustainable change – the kinds of improvements that persevere even after a shift in administration or staff turnover. 

That’s the power of taking a systems-based approach, and it’s what makes your trauma-training through TISS different. While we offer a variety of trauma-informed services, our flagship service is designed not only to prepare your teachers but also to prepare your system, operationalizing new approaches into processes and procedures that last.

TISS Cohort Membership

When you sign up for our flagship TISS Cohort Membership, you gain access to a cohort of schools all working to become trauma-informed. TISS members receive four networking PD sessions and 10 customizable coaching days.

TISS Cohort PD Sessions

Your building leadership team will attend four professional development sessions with facilitators experienced in the areas of mental health, systems planning, curriculum, assessment, and school/district leadership. Sessions include opportunities to network with other member schools engaged in the same work.

Areas of focus include:

  • Self-Assessment through a Trauma-Informed Lens
  • Data-Analysis through a Trauma-Informed Lens
  • Embedding Trauma-Informed Practices in a Strategic Plan/CCIP
  • Monitoring Tools to Ensure Implementation

Customizable Coaching Days

Your building’s staff members can expect ten customizable coaching days with our experts in the areas of understanding trauma, SEL training within a trauma-informed context, data collection/analysis, strategic planning, and fidelity of implementation with a trauma-informed lens.

Professional Development and Other TISS Services

We offer traditional professional development for schools not yet ready for our full TISS Cohort Membership. We are happy to collaborate on customized solutions. However, some of the sessions below might already meet your needs.

Understanding Trauma

This half-day training includes an introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), toxic stress, neurobiology, and more. The training emphasizes the benefit of taking a systems-based approach. (3.5 hours)

Trauma-informed SEL Workshop

This half-day training provides teachers with a variety of resources to provide social and emotional learning strategies in classrooms. Such strategies are particularly helpful when responding to students who have experienced trauma. (3.5 hours)

Professional Development Micro-Sessions

Have you considered joining the ranks of schools who have re-imagined faculty or professional learning community meetings, turning them into hour-long monthly professional development sessions? We can partner with you to plan, or to plan and deliver, mini-PD sessions during these types of meetings.

Trauma-Informed Culture and Climate Inventory

One of our trauma-certified consultants will spend the day visiting designated classrooms and common-areas during a school day. Using our trauma-informed tool, we will aggregate the data into a comprehensive report for use in strategic planning with your building leadership team. (Full day)

Trauma-Informed Data Suite

Working throughout five days, our consultant will partner with building leadership to gather a variety of relevant data sources and published policies/procedures. Our training will guide your leadership team through an in-depth analysis to identify key findings, prioritizing strategies to reduce discipline referrals and to increase student achievement — all while building a more compassionate school culture. This includes analyzing fidelity of implementation of related programs or frameworks (such as PBIS).

Trauma-Informed Classroom Coaching

Our trauma-certified coaches* work side-by-side with your teachers, offering social-emotional work to establish a trauma-informed culture into your classrooms.

Trauma Certified Coaches

Our trauma certified coaches* guide teams through a strategic planning process while providing training for all staff members in social and emotional learning strategies that help avoid potential triggers and assist in de-escalating student situations.

Photo of Allison Curran
Allison Curran, CTP-E Curriculum and Instruction
Photo of Jason Haap
Jason Haap, CTP-E Curriculum and Instruction
Photo of Chris Gilkey
Chris Gilkey, CTP-E School Psychologist
Photo of Katie Marshall
Katie Marshall, CTP-E School Psychologist

*Hamilton County ESC TISS coaches have received CTP-E (Certified Trauma Practitioner-Education) certification from The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, part of the Starr Global Learning Network (SGLN).

We’re here to help.

We can also design services to meet your needs as you become a trauma-informed district and/or school. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Mindy Fischer, Director

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