Absence Management Service

Membership in the Absence Management (formerly Aesop) consortium provides school districts a streamlined way of finding substitutes and filling employee absences in a timely fashion by utilizing an automated substitute placement system that posts and fills openings using both the phone and the Web. Through the use of a large substitute database, district personnel can choose qualified educators to provide coverage in classrooms.

In partnership with Clermont County ESC and through Comprehensive Substitute Solutions, we employ substitutes directly, relieving districts of the challenges of recruiting, employing, managing, and paying substitutes.

  • Absence Management (formerly Aesop) provides school districts a quick, automated way of filling employee absences via both the phone and the web
  • Because multiple districts share the system, substitutes are more likely to apply to other districts within the consortium. This increased pool improves the districts’ chances of finding more qualified substitute teachers.
  • As the host, Hamilton County ESC provides database entry and management, and other services to ensure the system’s maximum efficiency
  • Project Management – Hamilton County ESC organizes meetings, communicates with Absence Management (formerly AESOP), and manages all other aspects of the system
  • Help Desk – Hamilton County ESC provides ongoing and timely technical assistance to district personnel and substitutes
  • Districts save money by sharing the costs of running the system
  • Consortium continues to grow – now over 40 districts and other educational organizations throughout southwest Ohio, serving thousands of educators and other school personnel


Matt Wendeln, Program Manager

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