Gifted and Talented Services

We provide consultation and coordination services to ensure that your district is current in meeting the needs of your gifted students.

Consultation Services

  • Planning and delivery of services
  • Consultation regarding compliance and technical assistance Learning Sessions for administrators
  • Development of curriculum documents
  • Legislative updates and Research Briefs
  • Communications including phone/email/Skype
  • Professional Learning Communities within and between districts
  • Support for gifted audits and service expansion
  • Professional development support and access to all gifted loan materials
  • High quality professional development for all teachers

Coordination Services

Includes all items listed in consultation services plus:

  • Testing and Identification
  • WEP Development
  • End of year document completion
  • Program evaluation
  • Acceleration and Placement
  • Parent and family supports

Coordination Services are provided directly to the district-appointed gifted and talented coordinator/administrator and gifted intervention specialists. With full coordination services, Hamilton County ESC accepts responsibility for striving to make sure that the district is compliant to all state and federal regulations.


Lisa Miller

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