Early Childhood Half-Day Program – Intensive Needs

Early Childhood special education services are provided in a separate early childhood classroom. The program provides services to a preschooler with a disability who has significant delays in the areas of communication, socialization and self-regulation.

A trans-disciplinary team approach provides high quality programming and therapeutic methods within a naturalistic early childhood environment for children with intensive social and communication needs. The interventions and modifications are embedded in the environmental design of the classroom to maximize effectiveness.

The program is specifically designed for children needing high level of continuity of service and environmental control.

Program Design

  • Experienced Early Childhood special educators
  • Intensive Speech and Language services
  • Psychological services, direct and consultation, with program and families
  • Occupational therapy services
  • Supervision of program
  • Integrated therapy model
  • Comprehensive individualized educational program and implementation
  • Ongoing assessment and data collection of the student’s development
  • Psychological services, direct and consultation, with program and families
  • Progress reporting to parents
  • Integrated sensory-motor approach
  • Modified curriculum and instruction
  • Utilization of specialized approaches for children with PDD/autism disorder
  • Participation in district team and IEP meetings
  • Partnering with private providers to maximize interventions
  • Development of formalized behavior plan for students as appropriate


Stacie McMahon, Supervisor

Sandy Crowell, Supervisor

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