Early Childhood Half-Day Program – Therapeutic Needs

A trans-disciplinary team approach provides high quality programming and therapeutic interventions within a naturalistic early childhood environment for children with intensive needs in motor, communication, medical, and positioning.

This program is specifically designed for children needing high levels of modifications and adaptations to access early childhood curriculum.

Program Design

  • Experienced Early Childhood Intervention Specialist
  • Medical needs, records and health plans monitored by program nurse
  • Speech and Language therapy provided for identified students
  • Psychological services, direct and consultation, with program and families
  • Occupational therapy provided for identified students
  • Physical therapy provided for identified students
  • Integrated team approach
  • Integrated therapy model
  • Utilizing research-based practices in the development of strategies and interventions for children with intensive needs
  • Environment engineered to provide access and participation for physically challenged children
  • Augmentative and technology support for communication, movement and access
  • Wide variety of adaptive toys, equipment, activities and sensory based activities
  • Availability of positioning and seating equipment
  • Intensive therapeutic treatment by speech and language, occupational and physical therapists
  • Supervision for the program


Sandy Crowell, Supervisor

Stacie McMahon, Supervisor

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