Attendance and Diversionary Court Services

Attendance Services include assistance to schools for student truancy issues or excessive tardiness. Diversionary Court services for at-risk behaviors, misdemeanor offenses, bullying or harassment, disorderly conduct and other offenses and case management, parent conferences, or intervention and prevention strategies. We can provide assistance in meeting the requirements of House Bill 410.

Attendance Services

  • Search for missing students
  • Warning letters to parent/guardian
  • Home/school visits with student and/or parent
  • Filing of student and parent charges in Hamilton County Diversionary and Juvenile Court
  • Serve as presenter at Hamilton County Diversionary and Juvenile Court which means your administrators don’t spend their time in court
  • Outcomes and feedback to school regarding court cases
  • Ongoing monitoring of student attendance after referral
  • Assistance with custody, residency and homeless issues

Diversionary Court Services

  • Truancy (including excessive tardiness)
  • Disorderly conduct (fighting)
  • Harassment (bullying or threats)
  • Theft
  • Unruliness (violation of District’s policies)
  • Parent conferences are held in Diversionary Court as an intervention prior
    to filing charges in official court
  • Referrals made to outside agencies

Diversionary Court Referee hears misdemeanor offenses weekly.


Mindy Fischer

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