Hamilton County ESC’s Workforce Innovation Network (WIN) represents an opportunity in Southwest Ohio for the promotion of work-based learning.

We strive to simplify the connection between schools and industry partners, providing all students with access to high-quality work-based learning experiences – and we are proud to introduce the LinkedUp family of services as our comprehensive solution.

WIN is built on a foundation of three pillars: LinkedUp BAC, LinkedUp Connect, and LinkedUp Hub. When you join our network, you gain the ability to tap into the collective advantages of our LinkedUp ecosystem.

LinkedUp BAC

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Ohio law requires all schools and ESCs to belong to a Business Advisory Council (BAC).

In a BAC, educators and business leaders collaborate to provide work-based learning experiences for students.

Hamilton County’s BAC is part of our LinkedUp family, and our LinkedUp BAC is an opportunity for industry leaders, schools, and districts across Southwest Ohio to join forces in a regional approach.

We believe that we are better and stronger when we work together.

LinkedUp Connect

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LinkedUp Connect is our online portal for linking business opportunities with students.

When business partners post opportunities to LinkedUp Connect, they immediately reach students in all our member schools – but that is just the beginning of the benefits.

  • Educators can find connections for field trips, guest speakers, and teacher externships.
  • Career counselors can take advantage of data gathering abilities.
  • Families can keep tabs on what opportunities are available.
  • Students can explore career clusters connected to an interest inventory, connect with a virtual mentor, and more.

We feature a common application, so students don’t get discouraged from the repetition of filling out multiple forms and an interface for uploading cover letters and resumes, as well as templates for designing both.

LinkedUp Hub

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Is your school interested in establishing pre-apprenticeship programs, but do you feel confused about how to start?

Hamilton County ESC, under the LinkedUp banner, serves as a hub for pre-apprenticeships. We can help with curriculum approved by a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and provide you with resources such as:

  • Electronic Operating Plan Templates
  • Industry Cluster and Course Description Templates
  • Statement of Collaboration Templates
  • Employer and Post-Secondary Educational Sponsor Connections
  • Pre-Apprenticeship Roster Templates

Need help with something not listed?  Contact us! 

Interested in learning more about how LinkedUP and the Workforce Innovation Network can benefit your school or business? Contact Donna Lauver, WIN Supervisor today.

Donna Lauver

WIN Executive Lead


Jason Haap

WIN Project Manager


Megan Reed

Industry Consultant


Richard Pridemore

Richard Pridemore

CTE Consultant


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