Autism, Social Communication, and Behavior Coaching

Our experienced autism and behavior coaches provide coaching that is individually customized to meet each district’s needs. Our coaches work with school teams to identify specific needs of the staff and students and then provide support in implementing strategies to address the needs which results in teacher and student growth. Our coaches address various areas with your staff and students including assessment, environmental supports and classroom design, curriculum adaptations and modifications, evidence based instructional methods, behavior support, and social skills programming. This service allows your school/district to have consistent, in district access to an autism and/or behavior consultant ranging from 1⁄2 day a week to full time throughout the entire school year.

Aiming To Build Capacity in Schools for Students with Autism and Related Challenges Tier 1 or Tier 2

ABCs is a unique, ongoing opportunity for teachers and related service providers, blending the traditional workshop style professional development with a coaching model. It is designed to build capacity in schools who serve students with ASD and related challenges. ABC allows participants to network, learn, and have follow-up support in the classroom.

Each cohort attendee receives the following opportunities:

  • Quarterly Professional Development Meetings that focus on a relevant topic
  • A one-hour coaching session at your school to follow up and provide additional coaching related to the quarterly topic (Total of four follow up coaching sessions)
  • Networking with other colleagues to share resources, ideas, struggles, and successes

Tier 1: Perfect for those new to working with students with ASD or those who want to refresh and examine their current teaching practices.

Tier 2: Perfect for those who have journeyed together through ABC Year 1 and want to extend their knowledge of evidence-based practices while receiving additional coaching.

Customized Professional Development focused on Autism, Social Communication, and/or Behavior Concerns

You choose the audience and the location! Our experienced consultants will meet your needs by providing high quality, practical professional development on a wide range of topics such as:

  • structured teaching
  • establishing communication systems
  • addressing challenging behavior
  • social communication
  • evidence based practice
  • assessment and data collection
  • environmental supports and classroom design/organization

Follow up coaching is available.


Mindy Fischer, Director Behavior Health and Mental Wellness

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