School Counseling Services

School counselors provide a full range of comprehensive services to individuals and schools that focus on student outcomes. School counselors assist in the development of school counseling core curriculum and responsive services protocols to deliver direct services to students and the school community.


  • Recruiting, interviewing, mentoring and supervising saves school time and expense
  • Customized full- or part-time school counselors
  • Consistency of personnel
  • Continuous professional development specific to school counseling
  • Face-to-face support on cases and legal/professional issues
  • Individual school counselors network with our intervention and support staff colleagues and consultants to gain information

School Counselors

  • Keep the school community informed to encourage active participation in the school counseling program
  • Coordinate systemic activities to assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans
  • Provide class and group counseling for assisting students to attain developmentally relevant skill competencies
  • Perform responsive individual and/or group counseling to meet students’ immediate needs

Consultation and Staff Development for District-Hired School Counselors

  • Consultation with district and building administrators regarding state and federal education regulations
  • Professional development designed specifically for school counselors


Michelle Ellis, Ed.S.
Supervisor/Consultant for Intervention and Support Services

Keady Delia, MA
Supervisor of Intervention and Support Services

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