Sign Language Interpreter Services

We provide quality sign language interpreter services to help ensure students with hearing impairments or communication challenges can understand instruction and communicate with teachers and peers throughout the school day.

Sign Language Interpreter

  • Provide quality educational interpreting using student’s method of communication (ASL, CASE, SEE, and Oral Transliteration)
  • Ensure that full-time interpreters have proper credentials and are credentialed by the Ohio Department of Education as an Educational Interpreter
  • Provide substitute interpreters who are qualified to meet student’s needs
  • Routinely evaluate the technical skills and performance of each educational interpreter
  • Provide technical assistance and support for interpreters and teams
  • Provide interpreter services for school-related functions (these services are contracted on an hourly, as needed basis)- After school functions including extracurricular student activities, programs, graduations, meetings, class trips, and more Interpreter services for deaf parents (parent-teacher conferences, special education related meetings and more)

Consultation Services

Do you have a student who you are not sure needs or would benefit from an educational interpreter? Hamilton County ESC has professional interpreters who conduct sign language observations and provide suggestions for educational teams.

  • Meeting with the student, teacher and family to discuss communication needs
  • Observing the student in a variety of educational settings and situations
  • Interacting with the student using a variety of sign language communication styles
  • Assessing current level of sign language vocabulary and ability to learn and produce signs for communication
  • Writing reports of observation
  • Attending team meetings to discuss observation and answer questions


Amy Hoerst

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