Head Start Program

The Head Start Federal Performance Standards reflect the highest expectations for comprehensive services to young children and families. Head Start partners with local school districts to serve their low income children.

  • 3-5 year old children in half-day sessions
  • Feeding of children during the session is provided through the CACFP
  • Comprehensive educational program that focuses on the whole child Research-based curriculum and assessment system aligned with Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards and Federal Head Start Framework
  • Ongoing assessment and data collection of child’s growth and development
  • Vision and hearing screenings
  • Developmental screenings
  • Physical and dental examinations and follow-up
  • Family engagement through home/school communications, conferences and home visits
  • Family partnership agreements with parents are developed
    to achieve family goals
  • Collaboration with community resources for medical, oral health, mental health and social services

Head Start and Early Childhood Special Education Collaborative Program

This collaborative program serves preschoolers with disabilities in a Head Start classroom. The classroom is designed and co-taught by the Head Start teacher and the Special Education Teacher. All children receive the comprehensive services provided by Head Start as well as the expertise of the EC Special Education Teacher and team.

  • Staffed with a Head Start teacher, an Early Childhood Special Education teacher, and a Head Start teacher assistant
  • Speech and Language services for identified children
  • Supervision of the program
  • Comprehensive education program focusing on the whole child
  • Serving preschool children with special needs in an integrated setting
  • Research-based curriculum and assessment system
  • Management of data collection and progress reporting to parents
  • Comprehensive individualized educational program and implementation
  • Curriculum modifications responsive to an individual child’s needs
  • Psychological services, direct and consultation, with program and families
  • Integrated team approach
  • Best practices for quality early childhood programming

Head Start is a federally funded early childhood program designed to provide comprehensive services to young children and emphasizes parent engagement.

The program serves children and families who are most at risk in the community.

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Stacie McMahon, Director

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