Educational Audiologists are uniquely qualified to facilitate support for students with hearing loss in the educational setting. Our Educational Audiologists help determine the educational impact of the hearing loss so the needs of each individual student can be addressed by the school team.

What does an Educational Audiologist do?

  • Complete audiological evaluations to determine range, nature and degree of hearing loss and/or provide interpretation of outside test results
  • Evaluate the student’s functional listening abilities in the classroom environment and determine any deficits in auditory access
  • Determine the need for HAT and provide selection, fitting and monitoring of HAT
  • Make recommendations regarding classroom acoustics to maximize the child’s auditory learning
  • Provide education and support to teachers and staff members regarding communication needs of the child; effects of hearing loss on academics and literacy; personal amplification, HAT and appropriate use of technology; modifications and educational planning/accommodations
  • Provide comprehensive on-site device checks for hearing aids, cochlear implants and HAT
  • Collaborate with outside agencies/managing audiologists
  • Serve as a member of the evaluation and educational planning teams for ETRs and IEPs
  • Provide information regarding eligibility, IDEA and Section 504
  • Consult on development of self-advocacy skills and listening skills
  • Provide counseling and guidance to children, parents and teachers regarding the impact of hearing loss in the school setting
  • Consult on newly identified and children with implants

Did you know?

Hearing and auditory function have a significant impact on the development and use of language and communication which can affect academic progress and outcomes for children. Educational Audiologists are professionals that support schools and students in the following areas: Identification of Hearing Loss, Assessments, Habilitation and Educational Management, Hearing Loss Prevention and Counseling.

We make your life easier by purchasing a variety of HAT equipment and renting it to school districts. We purchase HAT in a large volume and, therefore, secure better prices than that of an individual school district. We maintain, repair (and provide back-ups when repair is needed), restock and provide the required summer servicing to each piece of equipment. Let our experts help you to provide your HAT equipment in a cost-effective manner.

Educational Audiology services are required by IDEA for a child with a hearing disability. Only an Educational Audiologist can determine the need for Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) and provide HAT recommendations and fittings.


Keady Delia, MA, Supervisor

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