A Double Helping: Serving Dual Language Learners – 9/18/2023

This accelerated course is designed to support educators (e.g. speech-language pathologists, intervention specialists, psychologists, ESL support staff, general education teachers, special education teachers etc.) in the school-based setting in appropriately supporting, assessing, and treating dual language learners (i.e., children who are learning a language in addition to English).

The course is set into three primary units. The first unit reviews typical multilingual language development and investigates the research regarding how the brain develops multiple languages. Learners will explore typical and atypical patterns of dual language learning and distinguish between simultaneous and sequential learners. The second unit contains a practical guide on the intervention and assessment process for dual language learners. The third unit discusses research-based techniques and best practice regarding screening, response-to-intervention, assessment, and intervention/therapy techniques. The third unit provides technological based recommendations, and a review of the course. The third unit also discusses common misconceptions regarding dual language learners and contains supplemental material on children who were internationally adopted, as well as on language attrition.

Full details and registration available here.

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